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Diabetes Facts Symptoms and Answers

Vigorous Exercise Treats Diabetes
An exciting study from Yale shows that intense exercise is far more effective in preventing and controlling diabetes than exercising at a leisurely pace (Journal of Applied Physiology, January 2006)...

Facts About Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease in which the body doesn't produce or properly utilize insulin. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas that is needed to convert sugar and starches into energy needed for daily activity. The cause of diabetes is somewhat a mystery, although both family history and environmental factors such as obesity and lack of exercise appear to play roles...

Is Diabetes Genetic?
If you think you are doomed to become diabetic because it "runs in your family," take heart. You inherit a susceptibility to Type II diabetes; you do not inherit diabetes...

Type I Diabetes: Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

Type I diabetes is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes. This form of diabetes is mainly found in children. The primary problem in all forms of diabetes,regardless if it is Type I or Type II is that the glucose (sugar) levels of the body are too high...

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