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Do You Know Jesus

Our mission is to help you begin a relationship with Jesus.

If you do not have a relationship with Him then I hope you will not leave this site until you do. Read more here


Prayer Is Important
It has been proven that families that pray together stay together. A Daily Prayer


Sometimes Things Just Seem Wrong
Life sometimes throws us a curve that we just can't seem to understand. If your life has been difficult lately read this. Sometimes life is Tough

Jesus Loves you whether you believe it or not!

Jesus Loves you whether you believe it or not!
Don't you wish someone would untangle the religious mumbo jumbo and complexity involved in knowing Jesus?

Imagine having a simple, life changing, easy to follow prayer that completely discards the need to learn all the religious jargon and religiosity that man has added to the words of Jesus.
Wouldn't that help you get to the PROBLEM- and start on a new journey with Jesus SOONER?

Allow me to cut straight to the chase...
People all over the world have accepted Jesus, and begun their walk with him by saying a simple prayer, then reading his word to learn more about him and how much He loves you.

Dear Friend,
I want to help you start your journey to heaven.
It all begins with you taking one small step and accepting him as your Lord and Savior.


A A Daily Prayer Go here

Before I tell you just exactly how I can help you accept Jesus let me say this.
Jesus loves you! He always has and he will always love you. All He wants is for YOU to aacept Him as Lord and Saviour and love him back.

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